About Us

The concept of Worldwide Engineering SWE AB is to deliver top quality engineers all around the world with the costumer in mind when it comes to mechanics, electric, hydraulics and construction engineering.

We offer a variety of expertise and experience mostly for the marine sector. We have been working on different projects and vessels for years with great results.

If you are in need of faultfinding and maintenance onboard ships, industries and shipyards then Worldwide Engineering is the perfect supplier for such services.

From our base in Gothenburg we are able to travel on short notice onboard ships in European countries, outside of Europe some days notice are usually enough if you do not require a visa.

Below is a short list of different projects we been involved in the last years.

  • Upgrading off propulsion system where we assisted a major engine manufacture with the power supply and the offengine cabling.
  • Renewal of navigation light system, producing and installing a new cabinet while ship in normal operation. Removal and installing new cabling and new navigation lights on masts
  • Supervising projects such as cabling and new installation of inverters, generators ect.
  • Earth fault finding and protocol for ship classification and vettings
  • Installation and maintenances of generators, pumps, electrical motors, hydraulic pistons industrial machines such as cranes, drills, saws, weldingmachines ect.
  • Faultfinding and maintenance of engines and generators
  • Installing new PLC and programming forair compressors, multiple speed and direction fans
  • Renewal of distribution box, , installation of fuses, circuit breakers, cabling, sockets, lights ect

Some projects takes couple of hours, some couple of days some even take months, with different costumers there is a variety of different solutions.

 For example if your ship is one engineer short and you need to be fully manned to sail then we could provide a engineer until next port or until a reliever arrives onboard.

You could also be in need of a extra engineer, fitter or mechanic if the ship is docking or going to shipyard, this always means lots of maintenance work and added workload for the crew.

Whatever the need fell free to contact us

In emergencies our engineers can travel the same day of notice outside of Europe. For Worldwide Engineering it is important that the customer decides the best use for hired persona. Our personal are not there only as hired help but to give advice on what we think is the best solution for the costumer

Worldwide Engineering is partner with two other companies that specializes in electrical engineering. At present time Worldwide Engineering have one fulltime employee cofounder and owner Alexander Hall. The other engineers are hired from day to day or from project to project basis. All companies we work with has to be recommended and focus on delivering the best quality personal available. All persons we hire must have at least 5 years of experience, at least two reliable references and the necessary certificates.

At present time we can offer a engineer for two weeks or less outside of western Sweden due projects already booked but fell free to contact us regardless of the timeframe and maybe we can assist you anyway. If the workplace is located in or near western Sweden we are more likely to have the opportunity to offer personal on longtime basis