Some positions require a certificate such as chief engineer, first engineer etc. Therfore it is important that we meet al the requirements for all positions that require a certificate.The manila admendment is efectif from January 1st 2017, this means that to muster onboard a ship the certificate must be printed on blue paper and you must have completed basic safety under A-VI/1 of the STCW Code also known as the STCW 2010 manila admendment.
Our staff may hold sevral certificates and there is no limit to how many certificates they hold, for example if you hold a chief engineer certificate you meet the requirements for sevral positions such as first and second engineer, fitter or oiler.


Below is a list of different certificates that our staff may hold

Chief Engineer certificate unlimited
Engineer officer clas II Certificate unlimited
Engineer officer clas V Certificate Unlimited
Advance Fire Fighting
Basic training
Medical First Aid
Survival crafts and rescue boats
Refrigeration Certification category I unlimited
Seaman´s Discharge Book
Medical Certificate for seafarers
Visa for the United States of America C1/D Crew visa motors and engines
First aid with defibrillator
Forklift driving license A+B