Faultfinding can be difficult, you do not only need the right equipment but also the right expertice, thigh schedule and minimum staffing doesn’t always allow the crew to both have time to take care of the daily work and  have time with the sometime time consuming faultfinding.

The equipment you might need could be special tools, measurement instruments or special test instruments. Often you do not have special tools or instruments onboard and you do not have the luxury of time or the experience to perform faultfinding effective or fast enough.

Some faults can be difficult to find even for a experience expert so having the crew doing all the faultfinding is not as economic as you might think. Ofcourse most crews have the right competence and are already onboard but they might not have the time and might not have the right experience. This means it could cost a lot more than expected.

We can provide the tools or instruments and a person that have experience in faultfinding in mechanics, electrics and hydraulics.