Wheter it is Vettings, classifications or portstate that performs the inspectionis it is always inportent to pass

Prior to a Vetting, classification or a portsteat it is important to have all documents in order and have a clean and tidy ship, equally important is that the maintenance is done correct before the inspection. This gives a professional impression and it is highly recommended that the maintenance is well documented. By hiring an extra personal to do the maintenance you relive the crew and they can concentrate on preparations for the inspection.
As always you might expect that the ship will pass the vetting, classification or portstate, even thou sometimes it feels like the inspector does not concentrate on the right things all the time it is for the safety of the ship and the crew and it is absolutly mandatory.

With all the preparations the ship might still not pass, depending on the fualt or the remark the ship might be forced to fix the fault right away, in worst case scenario the ship could be taken out of hire until the problem is solved. Hiring a engineer for help is a great way to solve the problem but also to show the inspector that the ship and the company is doing everything in their power to solve the issues and to comply with the vetting, classification or portstate inspector.

We offer service raports and follow the Swedish transport agency ship operative division rules and regulations as well as the regulation of all the major classification companies.