Whether it is planned or unplanned maintenance it is essential that the quality of maintenance is at its highest level, not leaving anything to coincidence. To follow the planned maintenance according to manufactures is essential for all mechanical, electrical and hydraulics systems. It is important that the maintenence is done in the proper way and with the correct spare parts.

By making sure the planned maintenance is done you reduce the often more expensive unplanned maintenance.
Unplanned maintenance could lead to very expensive interruption to the manufacturing process or the ships operations causing the plant to a complete halt or forcing the ship to go of hire.


Even thou it´s not always that dramatic it a possibility, unplanned maintenance is a part of every process but minimizing the effects is important. Bringing in expertise is often the best way to avoid this to happen now or in the future.

Hiring extra personal for planned and unplanned maintenance work at sea or in harbor is a perfect way to reduce cost, at the same time the planned and unplanned maintenance does not interfere with compulsory daily rest of the crew and hopefully this leads to less breakdowns. Some maintenance is only possible at harbor, some maintenance is not allowed while at berth.
To be able to execute the planned maintenance without delays is important and delays could be avoided by having somebody that can be onboard only when needed.