Project management

Projects can be very complex and it is not always easy keeping track of everything that’s going. Hiering a project manager helps you in many ways. The project does not depend on you being there all the time, you can make the final decisions whit out having to decide on every little detail, that is taken care by the project manager .

The project maneger is there not only to supervise but he is there to give his advise and whit his expertice you can be assure that the project turns out the way you intended it to.


Every project is important and every detail could be crucial, by having a manager onsite you not only relive yourself from workload you also know that hte project is in good hands. You can spend some more time focusing on all the other important details that has to be done.

A project manager during docking, shipyard, repairs or projects has the same function as a superintendent, the benefit is that the superintendent does not have to be onsite at al or at least not all the time. The superintendent still gets the right feedback from one single person instead of multiple data from the shipyards different departments and the ships different department, everything is channeled to and from one single source makin it easier to manage.