We perform maintenance and faultfinding on mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems for the marine sector and industries. We also provide engineers, projectmanagers, fitters and mechanics both long and short-time basis. All personal that we provide has the right knowledge and years of experience working on ships and industries. In those cases were a certificate is mandatory we provide the right person with the certificates requested by the customer.
We offer service raports and always follow the rules and regulations of the Swedish transport agency ship operative division or the rules of a major classification company


Job Descriptions
Faultfinding and maintenance on electrical systems such as generators, electrical switchboards, electrical motors, fire alarms, controlsystems for pumps, lights, valves ect
Faultfinding and maintenance on mechanical systems such as engines, pumps, compressors
Faultfinding and maintenance on hydraulic systems such as ramps, cranes, hydraulic motors and engines
Building and installing electrical systems, everything from heat and presure sensors to power supply and cabinets whit contactors relays gauges lights and switches.
Testing and adjusting of circutbreakers for generators and switchboards
Building or installing different control systems for major and minor well established companies 
Welding of brackets, cable traces, pipes, mounting of cabinets, shelves etc
Watchkeeping and daily work in engineroom 
Projectmanagment in mechanics, hydraulics and electrics
Isolation test of the ship according to rules and regulations
Alarmtest of pressure and temperature sensors according to rules and regulations
Test of fire alarms, fire doors and door indication
Installation of frequency onverters, softstarts and transformers
Installation of searchlights