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Before the start we often received requests from various companies to assist them in different projects. More and more companies requested help the last couple of years. Working onboard ships, shipyards and industries we also sometimes felt that we were undermanned and it was difficult to find staff with the right competence and mindset for a short period of time.

It was obvious to us that the need for experiences short-term personal was growing. Worldwide Engineering is a company that delivers top quality engineers and repairmen all around the world with the costumer in mind when it comes to mechanics, electric, hydraulics and construction engineering.

Our field of expertise is faultfinding, maintenance and project management. With our network of experience engineers and seafarers we can offer a variety of solution for your company.
Worldwide Engineering is partner with two other companies that specializes in electrical engineering. The engineers are hired from day to day or from project to project basis. All companies we work with has to be recommended and focus on delivering the best quality personal available. All persons we hire must have at least two reliable references and all the necessary certificates.